Art Journal Book-Project  


Aug, 31st 2023! 

Stay tuned for the book launch in 

May 2024!!! 🌱😍

🌱 Are you ready to give wings to your art journal and bring it to an international stage?

🌿 Is your heart yearning for a project that elevates your art to a whole new level and shares it with the whole world?

🍃 Do you want to see your art in a real book, representing a vivid picture of the current art journal scene?

Then the Art Journal Book project is exactly the project you have been waiting for...

This collaborative and international art book project, born out of the spot-on Art Journal Festival for German speaking artists and creatives which has been taking place annually as a 4-day inspiring gathering since 2022, celebrates the diverse creativity of art journal artists around the globe.

Whether you're at the beginning of your creative journey or already acting as a professional artist, whether you're still unknown in the art scene or already a familiar face on social media - we invite you to become part of our artistic journey. Because in our Art Journal Book, each page becomes a stage that highlights your individual style and the unique vision of each participating artist.

Join us and let's celebrate the art of art journaling together by bringing together a diverse and inspiring collection of works that demonstrate the power of creativity in all its forms!

The Origin of the Art Journal Festival

Everything started in 2022, when Michelle Schratz (Germany) and Christine Ebner (Austria) organized the first Art Journal Festival for german speaking artists and creatives from an idea spontaneously born on Instagram, which took place over four days in Vienna. The enthusiasm for the community and creativity was so amazing that we held the festival a second time in Vienna in 2023 and are now bringing it to Germany in 2024.

From Vienna to the World 

We know that there are not only German-speaking artists who appreciate the magic and diversity of art journaling. Hence the idea was born to make the festival international and to celebrate artists who work IN and WITH books at a global level - as a kind of "state of the art of art journaling", which honors active artists and deals intensively with the diverse ways in which artists work IN and WITH books.

The Art Journal Book connects us all "of course naturally" - "natÜrlich"

The theme that connects us all is supposed to be "of course naturally" - "natÜrlich". It's not only the motto for the Art Journal Festival 2024 in Germany, but also the connecting element for the works of the artists in our 1st Art Journal Book.

Why should you participate? 

AND! 😍⬇️

Your art deserves to be seen 

"of course naturally" - "natÜrlich"! 

Let it shine in our Art Journal Book!

Publishing a book that is high-quality and unique requires financial resources. Therefore, a contribution of 150 EUR is required. This amount covers our organizational and administrative costs, the professional editing and layout of the book, its publication, and supports the general idea of the Art Journal Festival.

At this moment, we do not want to define exactly what an Art Journal is. That would probably be a subject for a book of its own ;). You are welcome to submit your work if you, of course, naturally work IN and WITH books. Call your book: Artist Book, Art Book, Sketchbook, Visual Journal, Junk Journal, Vintage Book… you are in the right place! If you are unsure whether your art fits this loose definition, do not hesitate to contact us!

We will, of course naturally, design a wonderful, inspiring book from the Art Journal Book that puts your art in the spotlight. The connecting theme is "the book" and the theme "of course naturally". You are invited to share your interpretation of it :). Please note: "Art is free" and we are aware that it is not always entirely clear where artistic freedom begins and ends. We reserve the right to reject contributions if we find them to be racist, sexist, inciting, or derogatory for various reasons. However, we will communicate this transparently with you.

You submit 5 photos of Art Journal pages on the theme "of course naturally" (jpg, high resolution with at least 300dpi). The submission of contributions is possible between September 1, 2023 and November 30, 2023. Your contribution will be published on at least one double page in the Art Journal Book. With the help of a professional editor and layout artist, the book will be designed in high quality and published in time for the Art Journal Festival in May 2024. We are of course already looking forward to the launch party!! 🌱🥳

We appreciate and respect the creative rights of all artists participating in our project. When you submit your work for "of course naturally", you retain the copyrights to your art. By submitting your works, you merely grant us permission to use your work for the book and its promotional materials. This includes the right to digitally process, print, publish, and publicly display your work. You are free to use your submitted works in other contexts as well. Please also pay close attention to the rights of other artists and/or products that you use in your artworks - so take special "care" with collages, stamps, stickers, etc. from commercial providers. We cannot take responsibility/liability for this and would really ask you to consider this. We will not alter your photos. Therefore, please ensure that they are high quality and error-free. If for aesthetic, graphic, or other reasons we need to edit your images, we will communicate this with you.

We expect all participants to interact with each other respectfully and tolerantly, which is why we have drafted a "value statement" that explains our ideological approach. We hope that you will only participate in the project if you can fully support these principles! You can find the "value statement" here.

Our communication with all contributing artists will be by email in German and English, and we will try to keep your workload for the project as low as possible. We all need time to create art! ;) 

Important dates and project workflow are summarized here:

  • Registration for participation in the book project until August 31, 2023 (early registration is recommended as we will close registration once we receive a certain number of entries)

  • Submission of photos between September 1, 2023, and no later than November 30, 2023

  • around December 2023: Inquiry for "Featured Artists"

  • Professional layout, editing, and design of the Art Journal Book

  • May 2024: Publication in time for the Art Journal Festival 2024 in Southern Germany